style guide & reference

default styles
<h1 class="page-title">

page title

<h2 class="st-category-heading">

category heading (home)

<h2 class="fancy">

alternate h2

<h3 class="post-title">

post title



header level 4

header level 5
header level 6
  • these are items
  • in an
  • unordered list
  1. but these
  2. are within
  3. an ordered list
<hr />
<p>lorem <a>ipsum</a></p>

This is a paragraph inside a blockquote with a link.

And here is a second paragraph.


This is a quote inside a paragraph,
with its citation.

<p lang="zh"><q>烤四</q>

neat css trick.

<p><q>I do the job. And then I get paid.</q>
<cite><abbr title="Captain">Cpt.</abbr> Mal Reynolds</cite>

I do the job. And then I get paid.
Cpt. Mal Reynolds

table styles <caption>
<th> cells inside <thead>
<th> cells inside <tfoot>
<th> cells inside <tbody>
<td> cells inside <tbody>
<td> cells inside <tbody>
<td> cells inside <tbody>

misc. HTML
¼ &frac14;
½ &frac12;
¾ &frac34;

color reference
#801203 red (dark) – governance & politics
#9a090c red (bright) – ethics in the workplace
#bb2004 red – jobs
#fd5e02 orange – data & stats
#558a96 blue (bright greenish) – other fields
#6690af blue (light slatey) – science & mathematics
#486ca0 blue – home, about
#3882ed blue (bright aqua) – engineering & urban studies
#021C70 blue (indigo) – business & entreprenueurship
#6e6789 purple (soft) – the international scene
#60419e purple (dark) – millennials speak
#704cd3 purple (bright) – technology & computation
#703254 purple – blog
#9b5a16 brown – health & medicine
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